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Much more than just a voice generation software

Beyond voice generation software, boosts your customer engagement and retention by unifying reading and listening experience. Your customers will benefit from an incredible natural voice experience listening to your website content from a perfectly integrated voice player!


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Why us

Get 2x returning visitors

Statistics show that websites with audio content has higher volume of returning visitors. With our automated voice generation software, your audience will be entertained by natural high quality voices, making your website more engaging.

Customize your Widget Player

With our solution you will be able to personalise audio with a wide set of different voices and languages. You can use more than one voice at once creating a real conversation. Plus all players can be customised with  your own brand color.

Automate with Wordpress plugin

Installing our plugin you can do everything from your Wordpress. You will be able to generate the audio version of your online content in a single place, with no additional effort while getting all the advantages of having a voice content on your website.

Generate podcasts from your website

You can connect all the voices content to your favourite podcast platforms in a second. Your audience will be able to find you on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts. Benefit from all the advantages of having a podcast without the high costs related. No need to buy a recording set, a microphone, audio editing tools or a professional speaker.

Best voices on the market guaranteed

Our voices use state of the art neural network technologies.
The best you can find on the market, guaranteed!

Frequently Asked Questions
Diversity & Inclusion

We believe web content should be available to anyone. With our solution your website will not only help people to access the content easier and in full mobility. But will make your website more accessible for people with visual disabilities.
Don’t cut them out from accessing your content.

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