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Statistics show that website visitors who listen through a voice player are more likely to return on your website. With our voice generation solution, you can provide high quality voice to your customer, which makes your website more engaging.

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With our solution you will be able to personalise audio with many different voices and languages. You can even add more than one voice at once to simulate a real conversation and customise player widget color to fit your brand.

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Installing our plugin you can do everything from your Wordpress. You will be able to generate the audio version of your online content in a single place, with no additional effort while getting all the advantages of having a voice content on your website.

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You can connect all the voices content to your favourite podcast platforms in a second. Your audience will be able to find you on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts. Benefit from all the advantages of having a podcast without the high costs related. No need to buy a recording set, a microphone, audio editing tools or a professional speaker.

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